Hello from Stuart

Hello from Stuart

Friday, 9 January 2015

Welcome to my PCBackup for FREE!

Hi this is Stuart, I'm the person that invited you to Shopping Sherlock

I hope you are enjoying your app and you are making full use of your Desk-top Cash-back feature.

Today I would like to introduce you to something else that I use to make myself some extra money.

This is all about backing up your PC so you don't lose all your treasured photos and files and also helping your friends and family do the same.

1. It helps everyday people keep their personal files safe in case of unforeseen circumstances.
2. It offers ordinary folk a method of making life-changing money online by helping others.

What it says above is 100% true, you really can backup your PC 100% FREE!

But what if you need more space; and what if you're interested in making money?

If you upgrade your account you will receive more space, but in doing so, you automatically qualify to make commissions of $120/£80

Yes you read that correctly, you can be paid $120/£80 over and over again many times a day by introducing other people to myPCBackup.

I will even make you a replica of this site you are on right now and help you get started.

But how can we be paid so much for simply inviting people.

Well, because large companies like myPCBackup can forecast how much money a customer will pay for a subscription long term, and based on that, they calculate an incentive that will motivate other folks to help advertise their product.

So a seemingly high payout to us, is really only short term pennies to them; these companies want more business and will pay us a nice commission to do some of the advertising for them.

Its rather clever, and many online businesses use the same tactic but few pay so much.

This particular product is something that 90% of people on the internet need, and the low price of the upgrades guarantee that people sign up long term to ensure their important files are forever protected.

This opportunity is ideal for a seasoned online marketer, an opportunity seeker or else a complete newbie who has never made any money online.

So its basically for everyone.

Please watch this short video to see how you can get started protecting your files and making some serious money online today.

I will always be only an email away if you need further help or advice.

Thank you
Stuart Longridge

>-----------BACKUP YOUR PC FOR FREE------------<

Click this link to sign up for your FREE account> http://bit.ly/1deH0YS 

Good luck and remember you can upgrade at anytime if you want to make some money.

>------------UPGRADE TO MAKE MONEY ------------<

1. Click this link > http://bit.ly/1deH0YS
2. Sign up as a FREE member and purchase a suitable Upgrade 
3. Log into your Back office, go to My Account then Billing and copy your (confirmation info)
5. Enter your details and the (confirmation info) down below and press submit

You will receive a reply email containing another instructional video 

Watch the above video again if you need any help or else email me

Congratulations, and i'll meet you in the next video